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Chemistry.com Dating Ad
Dear John Letter (Rejected by eHarmony)

The following commercial is called "Dear John Letter" and it was part of chemistry.com's controversial (yet much talked about) "Rejected by eHarmony" series of ads. Here is Dear John Letter....


Commercial Text

Ah... I don't know... I started lifting, working out a little. I got third place in a design contest... so I've got a few things going for me... I uh... got this

(pulls paper from pocket and reads)

Unable to match you at this time. We hope you understand...

(stops reading)

It's a Dear John letter from eHarmony.

("Rejected by eHarmony" words appear on screen)

Narrator Voice Over
We don't know why eHarmony has rejected over a million people, but at Chemistry.com you can come as you are and your first five chemistry-inspired matches are free. Join Chemistry.com today.


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