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eHarmony Online Dating Ad
Tanyalee and Joshua

This is the new style of eHarmony ads. This is a one minute ad featuring Tanyalee and Joshua, who met on eHarmony and were married in September 2006.


Commercial Text

I had a mental image of who I was supposed to meet - the perfect guy - I just didn't know where he was.

We first talked on the phone six and a half hours, right on iinto the early morning. We did that for some time, then we met.

And we just saw each other... instant connection. Snap. Joshua is a geeky chemist, but he is artistic, spontaneous...

One night we tackled a giant six foot canvas together. She took half and I took the other half. Everything we do together is fun. Building a store together was a blast.

We were dancing at five in the morning with drywall dust all over us and mud and splatter paint.

There's this part of my life now that felt like she should have been there the whole time. And now it doesn't matter about the past. She's here now, so we're going to hit it full force.

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