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Sexy Singles Date Dating Ad #1

SexySinglesDate.com is a more high tech and upscale dating service that keeps up with the times. That is reflected in the high tech feel of the company's TV commercial. Select any of the below tabs for more information::


Commercial Text

(girl morphs into several other girls using a high tech 3D holographic computer monitor and pressing buttons)

What's a girl to do? Finding someone I really like is such a challenge. Sure, I've been to other dating sites, but none of them were right for me.

(closes down holographic computer monitor)

You should have seen my other date?

(psycho music plays - girl is whisked into black and white car driving down road with a male who has a big ego)

Guy #1
Am I the best? Ever? Huh? I'm the human jackpot. Hey sweetheart... feel like God just gave you a gift? Yeah, I know.

(girl is whisked into different scene with another guy in a restaurant)

Guy #2
I know it's our first date, but will you marry me?

(looking at camera) I am so not ready for that. What's a girl to do?

(cuts to another girl)

Girl #2
I felt the same thing too, until I joined SexySinglesDate.com.

(using holographic screen to show features)

They have personality matching; audio/video profiles, and live Web cam. So what you see is really what you get.

(cuts to new guy nicely dressed)

Guy #3
Finally, a site that's got all the options you'd expect on a social site with the kind of activity of a dating site. It's really giving you a chance to meet someone you can vibe with. I mean, I get the maximum experience out of it; meet beautiful and interesting women I enjoy getting to know both online and off. With SexySinglesDate.com, we have the same pool and I'm staying in the know.

(Girl #1 and Guy #3 sit down together on a couch)

SexySinglesDate.com - a fresh new way of dating. Join today!



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